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We are committed to providing dental care to your oral needs. Sacramento's Dental services are here to protect your marvelous smiles, by taking care of your oral health.

Call or book an appointment with us for your dental care and services! Our amazing dentist and accommodating staff are happy to assist you.

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Providing Dental Care To Our Community

One of our goals as your local dentist is to provide our community with the best services for their dental needs.

We understand how simple toothaches can drive us insanely. People will never know how a simple tooth pain can increase the risk of permanent and serious problems.

Ignoring your toothaches can cause too much pain and worst may result in tooth extraction. As your dentist, we are here to prevent that from happening. We are committed to helping you restore your beautiful smiles.

We believe that wearing your smile is the key to your personality. So, don't let your teeth ruin your ability to smile, Call us today and book your appointment for your dental care.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Your Dentist

Here is some common reason why you should consult your dentist for your oral care:

Severe Pain

Experiencing a sudden discomfort in your mouth is can be easily treated by your dentists. Tooth cavities are the most common reason why a sudden toothache occurs.

Tooth Fractured

Tooth fractured can happen in many types of incident, but the most common reason why tooth cracks are of chewing on hard food especially candies.

Gum Inflammation

Swollen of gums may result from  serious dental pain. When this happens, the best advice is to consult your dentist to address the problem and prevent gum disease.

Chipped Teeth

A chipped tooth is a result of tooth decay. Dental bonding can help repair the minor damage to your tooth enamel.

Sports Injuries

Sports is another reason why a fractured tooth happens. Sports injuries are one of the easiest and high treatable dental problems.

Pediatric Care

Our services extend up to your children. We can also provide dental care for your toddler from the moment they start teething up to their teen years.

Different Types Of Dental Services

There are numbers of services we can provide to our patients. But all of these procedures are required to examine your tooth to address the situation and determine the necessary solution to your problem.

The general dentist provides a wide variety of diagnostic and preventive dental services to every patient. The initial oral examination is the first step to address the proper diagnosis of your mouth.

The examination consists of visual examination, periodontal probing, diagnosis, and the possible treatments for the problem. To help you decide on what solution you need when it for treatment, we write down what are the different types of dental service you can choose to help you maintain your healthy teeth.

• Dental Emergencies are an oral problem where you need  immediate medical attention and treatment for your dental problem. Throbbing pain and bleeding are common signs of oral problems that can be classified as emergencies.

• Root Canal is a procedure to treat and save a badly damaged or infected tooth instead of pulling it.

• Tooth Extractions is a procedure advised by your dentist, if the damaged tooth is cannot be saved or repair. It is often the final option to treat your dental problem.

These are common procedures a dentist may advise you to treat your oral pain. We have a wide array of services to choose from, if you need any help in your mouth, call our office today!

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Signs Of Tooth Fractured

    There's a number of reasons why a person experiencing a cracked tooth. But here is the common reasons and sign why a teeth cracks:

  • Pain when eating.

  • Abrupt sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweets.

  • Continuous pain that won't go.

  • Swelling of gums and discomfort around the affected area.


  • Grinding of teeth.

  • Chewing or accidentally biting on hard candies or objects.

  • Blows to the mouth dues to accidents

  • Age or wear and tear.

  • Sudden changes in temperature of the mouth.

  • Damage comes from actively participating in sports.

How To Take Good Care Of Your Teeth

Having a healthy teeth and mouth makes more easy to eat and as well as enjoying your favorite dish. Tooth problem can affect your oral health, but keeping your personal hygiene and taking a proper good care of your teeth will maintain your stronger teeth as you age.

Here are some simple tips on how to take good care of your teeth and mouth. And will also help you prevent dental emergencies:

    1. Every dentist advised this to always brush your teeth at least three time a day.

    2. Dentist know how floss or not! Flossing helps remove small particles between your teeth that a regular toothbrush don't.

    3. Replace your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months.

    4. follow healthy diet, avoid smoking and less alcohol intake. Tobacco is a number one cause of periodontal diseases or oral cancer.

    5. Regular visit to your dentist.

    6. Reduce consume of sugary foods.

    7. Wear mouthguard every time you participate in any kind of sports.

    8. Keep hydrated, don't let your mouth dry out. Drink a lot of water.

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