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How To Take Good Care Of Your Teeth

Having a healthy teeth and mouth makes more easy to eat and as well as enjoying your favorite dish. Tooth problem can affect your oral health, but keeping your personal hygiene and taking a proper good care of your teeth will maintain your stronger teeth as you age.

Here are some simple tips on how to take good care of your teeth and mouth. And will also help you prevent dental emergencies:

    1. Every dentist advised this to always brush your teeth at least three time a day.

    2. Dentist know how floss or not! Flossing helps remove small particles between your teeth that a regular toothbrush don't.

    3. Replace your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months.

    4. follow healthy diet, avoid smoking and less alcohol intake. Tobacco is a number one cause of periodontal diseases or oral cancer.

    5. Regular visit to your dentist.

    6. Reduce consume of sugary foods.

    7. Wear mouthguard every time you participate in any kind of sports.

    8. Keep hydrated, don't let your mouth dry out. Drink a lot of water.

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